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May 10, 2009
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The 10 Reasons People Die by cat-101 The 10 Reasons People Die by cat-101
Wahay, I loved that revelation in the newest chapter of Bleach... so here... cos I was bored of revision. The only aspect I would change would be Nnoitra, whom I would make obsession, methinks. That would explain his obsession with fighting and would better match him to Kenpachi.

I tried to use colouring techniques which reflected each aspect of Death:
-> Aaroniero (greed) has swirls of a rich red behind him, sshowing indulgence.
-> Szayel (madness) is twisting a bit, his mind is distorted, and the background is bright, which holds connotations of craziness.
-> Zommari is blurred to represent a consuming addiction.
-> Grimmjow's (destruction) outline is very blunt and the colours are bold, to mimic his strength and brute force.
-> As I said, I don't like Nnoitra's, so didn't do a reet lot :) maybe the lack of effort shows MY despair?
-> Ulquiorra (nihilism) is being blown away, and is pale to represent the lack of true existence and to emphasise the loss of worth in life.
-> Halibel (sacrifice) is a mixture of bold colours and strong lines to depict the bravery of sacrifice.
-> Barragan (time) is faded and blurred to demonstrate time's power to wear away and cause decay.
-> Stark's (loneliness) portrait uses simple lines and colours to single it from the rest and show solitude.
-> Yammy (rage) is bright red in colour, which speaks for itself.

I feel like I jsut wrote an English essay on Bleach?

Anyway >> Tada... helpful and constructive critisism welcome :)
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Every12345 Jan 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I like it a lot, but I have one issue. Tier's skin isn't nearly that dark. Other than that, it's good.
MamaBearOfRage Dec 28, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I think greed goes hand in hand with obsession. Like a stalker(?) they want what they cant have? but i do agree with you on nnoitora(sp?) being obssessive about fighting
... did you use the Cardcrusher face for Barragan? [link]

Just wondering. Anyway good job.
nah, I used Barragan's face from the Bleach manga.

Thanks for the comment.
DomoOrichalcos Jun 19, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice job :) I really like what you did with Szayel's picture :heart: It actually seems like it's really 'shaking' back and forth very fast when you look at it, it's really cool =D

I still don't completely understand the 10 aspects of death. I don't see how you can die from some of them.
'The 10 reasons why people die', no, it seems more like 'The 10 reasons why people become hollows'...

I figure that some of the concepts are more abstract/vague reasons...
what are the Espada in order? I only know Grimmjow (6) and Ulquiorra (4)
They are in order up there :)

Aaroniero is no.9, Szayel 8, right down to yammy who is 0. :)
thank you sooo much! ♥
Ooooh that tagline. *facepalm* I thought yooh ment my Epic bit. I was lyk heh that's not from Bleach or a Tagline. x
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